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Stick Cricket Premier League

From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world, Stick Cricket Premier League offers you the chance to

Create Your Captain

Create and customise your player, before taking guard against the worlds best bowlers.

Travel the World

From Mumbai to Melbourne, your skills are in demand! Team owners in India and Australia are battling it out to secure your signature.

Build Your Dream team

Your owner will bankroll the recruitment of Star Players from around the world, boosting your chances of winning the League.

Release Date: 03/07/2015

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Choose from more than 50 Star Players to bolster your squad. Star Batsmen are more likely to clear the rope, while a signing a miserly Star Bowler will ensure the targets you chase arent as demanding. If your squad is in need of some experience, you can coax an ex-player out of retirement on a short-term deal. Alternatively, try to confound the pundits by winning the League with a team of rookies. The choice is up to you.

Establish a Dynasty

Youve got five seasons to establish your team as a force in the Premier League. Your success-hungry owner will want five trophies... just don't end up with the dreaded wooden spoon instead.

Recruit Coaches

Hiring a batting coach will soon have your created captain slogging it like a Star, or reduce the runs your team concedes with the expert guidance of a bowling coach.

Enhance Your Six Appeal


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Stick Cricket Premier League is developed by Stick Sports