Stick Cricket Super Sixes Mobile Game for Android & iOS

Stick Cricket Super Sixes

The creators of the chart-topping Stick Cricket, the most popular cricket game in the world, bring you Super Sixes - a revolutionary new batting game!

Instead of facing mere mortals, your opponent is the state-of-the-art Bowlomatic 3000: a sadistic bowling machine that is hell bent on wiping you out.

Smash as many sixes as you can but be wary, as the Bowlomatic 3000 has plenty of tricks up his proverbial sleeve to ensure a harrowing time at the crease.

The Bowler doesnt get it all his own way, though. Alter tricky levels by unlocking the Super Bat, allowing you to slog sixes further than ever before, or rack up the points by switching to Golden Balls.

Release Date: 10/07/2015

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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  • Endless gameplay
  • A raft of innovative challenges and detailed stats tracking, Super Sixes is the ultimate test of your cricket skills.
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The gameplay is brilliant and, although using the same control setup as the original, it feels like an entirely different game.

All Out Cricket

There are new innovations to build on the ingenious simplicity of the original. Two minutes swiftly becomes an hour.


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Stick Cricket Super Sixes is developed by Stick Sports.

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