Hernanes (Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Viana Lima)

A substantially versatile and ambidextrous Brazilian Midfielder with mounds of strength and explosiveness

Playing Position: Midfield

Height: 6'1" / 1.80m

Weight: 168lbs/ 76kg

Date of Birth: 28/05/1985

Birthplace: Recife, Brazil

Current Team: Internazionale

Overview and Playing Style

It's a pretty difficult task to try and pigeonhole a player as versatile as Hernanes. His adaptability is such that to this day many football pundits argue amongst themselves about which sort of player he really is: an attacking midfielder that likes to be up front or a player that's best when buried deep in midfield.

Regardless of the reality of the situation, Hernanes is a notorious utility player, able to adapt to almost any position and situation thrown at him incredibly well. He is also able to use both of his feet and has a skill set that makes him incredibly good at long shots whilst being more than proficient at dribbling, free kicks, passing at crucial moments, and even aerial encounters.

You'll see lots of footage of him being able to dictate and extend plays by passing the wall out to a wide position. His long distance skills are such that he is often able to make successful shots on the goal before the ball even has the chance to reach the opposing defenders, making him extremely dangerous on the pitch. This video has a great deal of footage showing off Hernanes' sublime skill.

Internationally, Hernanes has been capped for Brazil U23 a total of 7 times, though the real achievement here is that he has been capped for the Brazilian National Team 27 times with two international goals under his belt. On club level he began his senior career at Sau Paulo, moving on to Lazio for four years between 2010 and 2014 and then joining Inter Milan in 2014 where he remains to this day. His senior career at club level can best be described as a glowing one: 117 appearances for Sau Paulo scoring 18 goals, 23 apps. on loan for Santo Andre resulting in 6 goals, 33 goals for Lazio from 133 appearances, and 4 goals from 24 appearances so far for Inter Milan in the 2014/15 season.

From Youth to Senior at Sau Paulo

Hernanes' youth career goes back to 1996, playing for Santa Cruz between 96 and 98 and moving to Unibol for one year (99-2000), and then settling at the Sau Paulo youth academy of which he is an exemplary product. Hernanes was then to remain at Sau Paulo for a total of 9 years, four of which he played for the youth team before emerging as a senior player in 2006 until he moved on to Lazio in 2010.

His time at Sau Paulo couldn't truly be described as prolific - 18 goals from 117 appearances in 5 years - but his performance and promise was obvious, particularly to those that awarded him the Prêmio Craque do Brasileirão' (Brazil's Best Player Award). Moreover, The Times newspaper referred to him as being one of the most promising players in the world in 2009. He would then go on to affirm people's opinions of him. It's worth mentioning that Hernanes also played on loan for Santo Andre during the 2006 season before returning to play for Sau Paulo until his final departure for Lazio in 2010.


Hernanes' career at Lazio began when Sau Paulo sold him in 2010. At this time he signed a substantial 5-year contract that involved Lazio paying Sau Paulo around ?11 million and an external company called Traffic Group. His promise as a player for Lazio was affirmed when he managed to score in his debut match with the team, slotting in a wonderful penalty against Deportivo La Coruña as well as being involved in an assist that led to Lazio's 3rd goal of the match.

His first season at Lazio was very impressive and ended up with him equalling a record set by Pavil Nedved for the most goals scored by a player playing in midfield in one season. Lazio also ended up winning the Coppa Italia final in 2013, defeating football team AS Roma to emerge as the victors.


January 2014 saw Hernanes sign a 4.5 year deal with Internazionale, leaving Lazio behind permanently. Continuing with his pattern of having an impact in debut matches, he made a crusial assist in his first match with Internazionale on February 9th, helping Walter Samuel get the only goal in the 1-0 victory over Sassuolo.

His long-distance talents were also demonstrated in a match against Lazio (his former team) where he scored a shot from considerably distance - this match ended in a 4-1 victory for Internazionale, a match that also resulted in his team qualifying for the Europa League the next season.

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