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Fifa 2015

fifa 2015 football game

It's that football time of the year again; you know, the time that football heads get lost in a sea of excitement whilst people that realise the futility and worthlessness of it all cringe as pubs fill with drunken idiots shouting at a largely green screens. This can only mean one thing this year's Fifa has landed, and Fifa 14 has lots to offer, and by lots, I mean about as much as it offers us every year in the way of change, i.e. very little, but in places that really count. It was never going to be revolutionary, but you were always going buy it anyway, weren't you? Find Out More & Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Game Game

Forget FIFA, Pro Evolution soccer now has what its rival doesn't: immaculate on-pitch play. The rivalry between the two football giants is unquestionable, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is back with a re-modelling of the vital elements of what makes a football game worth playing, with the once dire gameplay mechanics now brought up to a very high standard and features across the board being brought up to scratch. Pro Evolution Soccer is a culmination of many years of evolution and refinement, and Konami couldn't be more on the money with this one - Find Out More & Download.

Sports Heads Football

Sports Heads Football

There’s no way a football fan can claim that they haven’t at least once been bored with flash-based simulations of the game, but there is also no way that someone can be aware of the definition of ‘fun’ and finding Sports Heads: Football to be as the ‘f’ word is traditionally defined. Taking football land applying a quick-fire, goal-a-second, massive-headed makeover, this game laughs in the face of regular football and gives it the spectacular Mousebreaker treatment.  Play Sports Heads Football

Soccer Balls 2

Soccer Balls 2

I’m not sure about you, but I for one have never been that much of a fan of the monotony of the traditional football match; the passing, the dribbling and the repeated passing of the ball with little goal action in between can lead to actual boredom-related dribbling, and I’m talking the saliva kind. I much prefer football when it takes an unexpected form: Soccer Balls 2 takes the concept and squeezes it into a physics-based game with echoes of the platform genre. Goals are the ultimate aim, but you must also take down some referees along the way; coin-collecting is optional and obtaining the hidden trophies is just down-right run. Premiership football should be ashamed of itself: Soccer Balls 2 is in town, and considering its comparatively limited budget, it’s still the winning candidate. Play Soccer Balls 2

Heroic Sports Football

Heroic Sports Football

Many so-called ‘football’ games on the internet nowadays often seem to indirectly claim that they provide a complete football simulation experience simply by having the word ‘football’ in the title. By using this title which makes one think of a large football pitch, 22 players on the field, goals, a referee, and screaming (possibly violent) fans, the implication is that you are going to experience a like-for-like football simulation. Sadly, this is not true for most games, but give ‘Heroic Sports Football’ a chance to wow you into becoming a fan and you may just get that true-to-life football simulation that you’ve been pining for, but with some alluring additions that would make real-life premiership football actually interesting to watch.  Play Heroic Sports Football

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Sports Heads Tennis

Sports Heads Tennis

With Wimbledon in the recent past and British (read: Scottish) faith in the sport at an all-time high, there's no better time for a bit of Sports Heads Tennis Open. Allow the game to take you through three open tournaments, playing Mousebreaker's take on the sport that involves some swift and unique back-and-forth action. Warning: may contain silliness and outrageously caricature-esque heads. Play Sports Heads Tennis

Sports Heads Ice Hockey

Sports Heads Ice Hockey

The series with a healthily hilarious inclination for massively-headed representations of famous sporting legends playing different kinds of sport is at it again, and this time it is ice hockey that gets the Sports Heads treatment. Originally specialising in other sports such as football and tennis, Sports Heads: Ice Hockey takes the titular sport and simplifies it: two goals, two players,  a miniature rink, and some seriously disproportionate head sizes to boot. Simply score as many goals as you possibly can whilst keeping the puck out of your net. It may sound simple, but these Sports Heads games have a tendency to be unexpectedly addictive yet hard as nails in the later stages You have been warned. Play Sports Heads Ice Hockey

Downhill Snowboarding 3

Downhill Snowboarding 3

Football may be a dominant sport in the world, but when the winter months draw in and the snow begins to fall, many get the yearning for a sport that is a little more extreme and a lot less demanding of mindless hooliganism. Downhill Snowboarding 3 is a snowboarding game that makes a trilogy of the physics-based series, bringing us the same off-piste action with avalanches, random rail-slides, and the almost-certainty of horrific injury. Picking yourself up and trying again is the name of the game, and improvements in vital areas such as tricks and the game’s physics make this a solid choice for a winter sports game. Play Downhill Snowboarding 3

The history of football games

The game of football is generally considered an invention of the British but prior to this there is evidence of a more primitive version of the game which came to be in the Chinese Shang Dynasty in the 5th century BC. This ancient game comprised of kicking a leather ball through a hole in material straddled between two thirty foot poles, not exactly our modern game but a similar fore runner! The Greeks and Romans also had types of football games, the Roman version being played on a rectangular pitch.

Football is one of the most popular games of sport in the world today where two teams of 11 players battle it out with a ball on a rectangle grass pitch, the object being to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team by kicking the ball past a keeper. The keeper stands in a goal comprising of two vertical posts with a horizontal post on top and a net attached to catch the ball.

The goal keepers' aim is to stop the ball getting into the net and is the only person on the pitch that is allowed to handle the ball (unless of course your name is Maradona). Players can use their heads or chests to move the ball as well as feet to kick it into position but must not handle the ball in play. The match is played in two 45 minute sections with a fifteen minute break in between while the team to score the most goals at the end of 90 minutes is declared the winner of the match.

Britain's medieval times saw the actual emergence of the football game of today in the third century and was known as Shrove tide football or medieval football. By the nineth century engravings of medieval football could be seen, these are now on display at the British museum. Medieval football games were a tradition of the yearly local festival being played between rival villages with no limit on the number of participants, which meant as far as rules were concerned there just weren't any! This resulted in the banning of the sport by the Lord Mayor of London himself in 1314. Football became an established pastime by the end of the 14th century while it was even given a mention in the famous Canterbury Tales.

Football soon became a very popular sport with Henry VIII even possessing a pair of football shoes so giving the game the royal seal bringing it into favour with the upper classes and slowly orders alike. Ireland soon took up the sport in around 1527 closely followed by Scotland in around 1540 while Europe soon followed and the game was soon to become truly international.

The establishment of the modern football game as we know it came about in October 1863 when all the teams in existence met in London's Freemasons Tavern so creating the Football Association. Over the following months rules and codes of play were established these excluding "hacking "while also agreeing "soccer" was a suitable abbreviation for the word football a term that still exists today. The creation of football teams who would belong to the association followed with Nottingham Forest FC in 1865 and many others.

The creation of the FA Cup was in 1871 while in 1888 William McGregor of Aston Villa put forward the concept of a league where teams would play in competition with one another, there were 11 clubs in all. The mergence with the Football Alliance in 1892 saw the creation of the First Division whose teams were as follows:

  1. Accrington
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Blackburn Rovers
  4. Bolton Wanderers
  5. Burnley
  6. Derby County
  7. Everton
  8. Notts County
  9. Preston North End
  10. Stoke City
  11. West Bromwich Albion
  12. Wolves
  13. Ardwick which was to become Manchester City at a later date
  14. Burton Swifts
  15. Lincoln City

International football games soon came to the fore, the first match being between England and Scotland played at Partick in November 1872 although it wasn't a very memorable game as the score ended 0-0. Scotland, however, became quite a force in the football stakes with many English teams taking on Scottish football players and so in 1885 amateur football became the professional game we still see today. Many of the clubs were based in the north of the country so when a wage limit was imposed this pleased the northern clubs not so the southern more "gentlemanly" teams. The turn to professional football saw the last amateur team to win the FA Cup in 1882, these were the southern Old Etonians. It took many years to pass before the wage cap was brought to an end in 1959 so making the professional game well established.

In Europe football was established in the 19th century in the form of Lausanne football club in Switzerland in 1860. In 1898 The Italian Football Federation was created with the league following some 21 years later in 1929 while the Spanish La Liga was formed in 1928 with the Spanish Copa Del Rey prior to that in 1902. English football was still the dominant force, however, influencing the creation of football clubs not only in Europe but throughout the world. In Argentina in 1867 it was English workers who played the first game there while many clubs worldwide would never have been created without the input of the English.

A major amateur club named The Corinthians travelled the world in 1910 influencing greatly football to be taken up and were instrumental in the creation of the Brazilian side in Sao Paulo who went on to call themselves Sports Club Corinthians Paulista and are a major team of South America to this day. Many English men were instrumental in the creation of foreign football teams for example Arthur Edwards who created the Milan Football and Cricket club in 1899 plus Alexander Watson Hutton a Scotsman who in 1893 founded the Argentinean Football Association.

Britain as a nation can be proud of its creation of the football game and its influence and creation of the game abroad. Britain is responsible for the original rules and regulations that influence the game of modern times as well as being credited with the major competitions that are still played today.

It is a modern misconception that women playing football games is a relatively new phenomenon as women playing football can be seen as far back as the late 19th century and in some instances women were involved in football back in medieval times. Historically women's football was quite popular more so than today especially around the time of World War One where teams even played international matches. Unfortunately women's football was banned in 1921 by the Football Association as it was considered a man's sport and not a sport for the fairer sex which was somewhat patronising to say the least.

Women did eventually fight back and formed their own association in 1969 while the ban was lifted in 1971 enabling women once again to participate in the beautiful game of football. By 1992 women's football was taking off internationally Japan creating their own semi-professional women's league. Women today now have their own World Cup competition as well as European Championships, while by 2005 the number of women registered to play football is in excess of 100,000 showing how far the game has progressed in its appeal to both sexes.

Football has indeed come a long way since its crude beginnings centuries ago to the game we all know and love today. The amount of money involved in football is immense seeing hundreds of millions of pounds a year change hands for players and team coaches alike a far cry from the primitive game created many years before. SambaFoot is dedicated to football games worldwide, both on the pitch and free football games on the pc.

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ea football games

If you want to check up on the latest soccer games being made for consoles and pc's then we recommend you check out EA Fifa Football Games. EA have an entire range of football games beyond the classic fifa series. Games include ultimate team, game face and fifa superstars. They also now allow you to download the latest demo of each Fifa sub series.

Mouse Breaker Football Games

Mouse Breaker Football Games

We are big fans of the Mousebreaker series of browser based footy games including Sports Heads Football, Jumpers for Goalposts, Ultimate Football Manager and Volley Challenge games. We recommend to visit Mousebreaker Games are check out their football browser titles.