Football Golf Game: 18 Goal Golf

Pot a Football or Two!

Anyone who thought football couldn't be a golfers game or vice versa should take a look at 18 goal golf where the key is to pot a football into a large golf hole whilst avoiding various objects. This football golf game is fairly simple but does pose a challenge in some of the later rounds. You can choose either a beginner or advanced skill game and there are 18 holes to complete. It doesn't quite reach the heights of Goal In One by Armor Games or Soccer Balls by Turbo Nuke but it's worth a play or two if your both a football and golf fanatic.

The aim of 18 Goal Golf is to drag the directional arrow back to launch the football against various barriers to get the football past obstacles and into the hole. Part football and part golf we like the idea behind this mixed sports game and with an advanced option for those looking for something a little more challenging it avoids being a very primitive and worthless office game to play unlike many of the other poorer developed sports titles for web play.