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Cricket Games Online

Cricket Games – Entertain yourself with some of the best example of the most polite sport that ever was

That’s Just Not Cricket!

Of all of the sports out there in the world there are none that are as polite and indeed delightfully British as that of cricket. Whether it’s the (relatively) respectful way that players on opposing teams converse with each other, the good-natured crowds, or the calm and collected umpires keeping order in the game there is just something about this sport that gives its title the right to act as a very appropriate synonym for the word ‘proper’. Though many fans of less respectful and more violent, hooligan-riddles sports such as football may not enjoy or even understand the calm and collected conduct required for cricket, those with the capacity to enjoy a sport actually requires skill, concentration, and the bravery to face a ball hurtling at you at speeds approaching 90mph will certainly enjoy the cricket games we have to offer, with our selection below encompassing many different interpretations of the sport.

Nothing Flashy

Starting with the basic simulations of the game, Flash Cricket 2 is perhaps as traditional and by-the-book as it gets for a cricket game. This is a game that simply involves taking charge of a batsman facing an over that has objectives attached to it. The first over, for example, requires that you score 4 points in it, and they get progressively more difficult from there. Mousebreaker is the developer here, and you can tell from the feeling of the gameplay that this is a typical Mousebreaker game. The pace is fast, the challenges difficult, though the controls are simple: simply press Z for a pull shot, X for a straight drive and C for a cut. The tough part about the game is getting the timing of your swing right since the bowling happens at a blistering pace and the jerkiness/unnatural feel of the physics (a feature typical of Mousebreaker games) makes things a little more difficult. The short challenges divided into discrete, short levels are definitely fun if you can master the technique but beginners aren’t likely to warm to this one.

Another fairly standard cricket game is Online Cricket, though this title certainly makes more of an attempt than Flash Cricket 2 at the structure expected from the sport. Begin by choosing your team from the database of actual teams after which you will go on to bowl a game whose length will be of your choosing. Select between 5, 10, 20, and 50 overs depending on how big of a time commitment you are willing to make, and then choose between heads or tails in the traditional coin toss in order to choose who will bat or bowl first, a procedure that is typical of the sport. Gameplay is detailed her, with the ability to control the batsman’s direction of the shot as well as having to get the timing just right. There aren’t any fancy frills or add-ons here, just cricket as you would expect it to be played in a test match, so this one is perfect for the cricket purists out there.

Alternative Action

Some people like a little bit of the unexpected in their sports games, and let me start by telling you that Pixel Cricket is one to look out for in this respect. The game’s visual style should be the thing that first strikes you; a pixelated aesthetic as indicated in the title makes the whole thing feel like a classic arcade game, and the quick-fire gameplay cements this feeling in solidly. The game consists of batting, bowling, and catching though instead of playing in full-on matches you instead must play through mini-challenges that become increasingly difficult as you complete them. A minimum number of points must be scored within each round to continue, and once you have batted, bowled, and caught, you begin again at a higher difficulty. Few cricket games evoke the sense of nostalgia that this game does, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a game that both looks good and offers some instantly-rewarding, fast-paced gameplay in a classic arcade-esque style.

Further fun and games of the alternative kind can be found in Stick Cricket, another quick-fire cricket game from Mousebreaker. This plays in an almost identical way to Flash Cricket 2, only with stick figures instead of actual people. Though the movement and physics may feel a little awkward ad unnatural, the quick-fire nature of the game may be appealing to some and it can act as a shallow, short-term bit of fun that doesn’t require too much effort to be put in for the player to reap the rewards.

Finally, you can’t really avoid zombie versions of sports games if you’re lurking on the internet for long enough, so Ashes 4 Ashes Zombie Cricket is pretty much an inevitability if you’re going to peruse what the internet has to offer in the way of cricket games. This game plays much like Zombie Football only with a bowler hurtling balls at you from a distance which you must smash at zombies approaching from the right of the screen. The aim is to kill the wave of zombies before they reach you and upgrade your batsman and bowler between levels in order to keep up with the escalating difficulty of the waves of zombies. This is about as alternative as a sports game can possibly get, it is far removed from the really Ashes cricket event that takes place every year. Without not actually being about the sport it is trying to simulate, so one must appreciate the unique nature of it and revel in its violent, decapitation-filled glory. 

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