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    Sports Heads: Football - Taking the fickle sport of football and large quantities of novelty and charm

    Seeking a Short-Term Football Thrill

    As a football fan you are more than likely familiar with the two football-based giants of the console-gaming world, Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. Some of you reading this may even own a copy of one game or the other and enjoy playing them on a regular basis. What if you don’t have time for your PS3 to load up, however? What if you’re at work and you’ve got 10 minutes of sweet flash-fired football to fill? Are you going to break into tears and weep in the corner about not being able to bring your Xbox to work? Any lesser man would, but if you’re a true flash-based seeker the football fun then perhaps you ought to meet the flash-based bringer of sporting brilliance, and more importantly, play their ridiculously silly and condensed version of football known as Sports Heads: Football. Not only do you get to smash shots furiously at the opponent’s goal, but you get to assume control of players with heads of outrageous diameter: what could be better?

    Heading for Success

    If you’re yearning for an in-depth simulation of all of the ins and outs of football and players’ careers, then I’m going to have to ask you to leave (or direct you towards Fifa 13) because Sports Heads: Football is more of a quick-fire arcade game with the format and pace of tennis but all the moving parts of football. This isn’t to say that it isn’t every bit as entertaining as any other title out there, since it is just as brilliant as its tennis-based counterpart Sports Heads Tennis Open. The game involves going up against ten opponents of escalating difficulty in matches that are set in relatively small and enclosed areas with a goal on opposing sides of the screen. You and one opponent are placed on the screen and you must simply direct the ball into their net enough times to win the match. Use the directional arrows to control movement and the spacebar to make your tiny little footballer (or more accurately, footballer’s head with a foot attached) kick the ball. Muchos jumping and kicking later, you win or lose the match and either move on up or replay your current opponent.

    You’ll spend most of the time frantically trying to head the ball past the opponent or trying to force him to make an error so that the ball bounces behind him so that he cannot back up fast enough to save it, but it’s all very good fun and the pace can be extremely quick, so boredom truly isn’t an option with this title The graphics are distinctive with the players being comprised solely of a head and feet with no in-between parts, adding to the ridiculousness of it all but in the best of ways. You have ten opponents to go up against and a range of power-ups to collect as well, so I suggest that you get involved in this addictive game before the remaining minutes of your lunch break are over. Too late: now somebody’s gon’ get fired.


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