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Goal United Review – Style, class, and a myriad of managerial responsibility in the best browser-based football management title ever made

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Pfft, football management titles; they’ve got nothing to offer football fans, have they? Your mistake would be thinking that ‘no’ was the answer to this question. Perhaps your average flash-based football management title doesn’t quite make the cut but this is Goal United, is one of the most well-designed football manager games with depth that many other games in the genre fail to achieve. Build your team up from the ground by managing training schedules, picking your players and  arranging their formation. Securing income for your club as well as hiring a team of staff members to ensure the proper running of it is also a priority, with the success of your club in general depending on how well you handle your responsibilities.

Do Your Footballing Self a Favour

In my experience, football game fans tend to fall into one of two areas (this is not a Fifa-Pro Evolution Soccer debate): fans of on-pitch football games, or strictly football-management types that like to manage the affairs of their club and sit back whilst the money rolls in and success builds over time. Those of the former persuasion need not continue past this point unless they wish to branch out into a game that concerns itself solely on the management side of the game, but fans of the latter (and of the former wishing to expand their horizons) should continue, since giving this sublime football management game of unbelievable depth and reams of entertaining content may be the best move of your football career yet (and let’s face it, your career is limited to shouting at football matches on the TV and playing the occasional game of 5-a-side).

Success from the Ground Up

Travian Games have gone and created a football management title that nestles snugly in your browser and yet has the gameplay and graphics of a console-based title. Gameplay wise, it plays exactly as you would expect it to, with navigation through the many menus and sub-menus performed with the mouse as you take on the responsibility of nurturing a football team from rags to riches, and when I say rags, I of course mean the 150,000 Euro starting amount plus the ridiculous quantity of cash you get from completing the step-by-step tutorial. After assuming control of your club, your responsibility is to secure income, train up your team, and win matches, though all of these are really a means to an end which can only be one thing, which is to be successful in the only way that truly matters: financially.

Securing sponsors is your first port of call for bringing money into the club; financial success through winning matches comes later

Your rise to management success must be built brick by brick from the ground up, and you must start by training up your team and securing financial income from sponsorship deals (to be negotiated on a regular basis). After you have shaken hands with an executive from a major company to sort out your sponsorship, you must then tend to your stadium and its surroundings by upgrading and building new facilities like a massage centre to tend to your players between training sessions. The whole game plays in ‘real time’, with seasons running constantly and your training schedule playing out as you arranged it to.

Managing to Succeed

Goal United is packed so full of detail that it can be a little overwhelming at first, but getting accustomed to the action is all part of the fun. Even the upgrading of your stadium and its surroundings contains enough detail to be its own mini city-building sim and the number of different training strategies you can implement is astounding. The game’s graphics are polished enough to baffle the mind as well since it looks more like a console game than a browser-based title. In spite of the lack of actual match play (matches play out on a commentary-only basis, though you are in charge of tactics and formation), this game is quite an incredible feat of gaming development and will please all fans of football management sims.