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Worldwide Multiplay!

Compete with hundreds of thousands of international managers.

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It's Free!

More soccer matches, new strategies with trading cards and exciting play-offs deciding relegation and promotion.

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Increase your income and promote your players by building your own stadium complex.

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Innovative graphics create a complex gaming experience and simple usability.

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In Depth Review

Goal United – A slick, browser-based football management game more memorable than most

How do you like your football in the morning? I like mine with as little actual football as possible, which is why management-style games are the ideal choice for anyone that likes to keep their hands (and boots) clean of on-pitch action, opting instead for control of the club and being the puppet master behind its success. Goal United is a unique football management-style game based entirely in the confines of your browser, and best of all, it’s completely free to play. If you’re ready to lead your own football club to fame and riches by taking control of a multitude of aspects including stadium design, financial dealings, and match tactics, Goal United is going to rock your sporting world.

Like Football but With Depth

I’ll be frank: football games that involve playing actual football for extended periods of time bore the hell out of me. This is a startling admission for someone that is responsible for reviewing football games, but if I don’t come clean immediately you will likely sense the insecurity and lack of detailed football knowledge a mile off. Luckily, Goal United is a browser-based football management experience that plays a little like an MMO but feels as good as any football management sim I’ve ever played in my time on this planet. Looking past the slick design and highly-polished appearance of the game, it is clear that Goal United has an incredible amount of depth that you can fully immerse yourself into depending on exactly how much of your free time you wish to lose to this game. This title is full to the brim with content and the level of detail involved in the management of your club is astounding, having to be played to be believed. My advice? Give it a play, but not until you’ve read the rest of this review just to be sure it’s worth your time.

Management Shenanigans

Starting out in Goal United can be a little overwhelming at first since going through the 8-step tutorial can actually take a lot longer than anything with only 8 steps should take, but getting used to the remarkable range of features is a fairly quick process. The gameplay is strictly confined to overviews, stats tables, lists of figures, and textual commentary of match play so don’t be disappointed about the lack of actual on-pitch action; this simply isn’t that kind of game.

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The stadium overview gives you a perfect perspective on your developing management career and allows you to survey your successes.

What the game lacks in on-pitch football frivolities, however, it makes up for in behind-the-scenes management shenanigans. The main goal is to manage your team’s activities and also its financial success as well. Beginning with a stake of 150,000 Euros, you must train your squad, upgrade your stadium, build peripheral buildings (transport systems, medical centres etc.), hire staff, and acquire sponsorship deals on a regular basis to keep your team afloat. Every single function in the game can be accessed via the self-explanatory menus, and believe me, there are an incredible amount of things to be getting on with.

Detail Aplenty

The thing that stands out in Travian Games’ Goal United is the sheer level of detail involved in the day-to-day management of your squad. The team itself must be arranged, a captain picked, and training organised by dragging the different types of training into the corresponding sections on the calendar. Further to tending to your squad’s needs, you must build the stadium by upgrading its different stands, encourage fans to come to matches by building transport facilities, and also hire a multitude of staff members in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Quite often with games that possess the level of detail demonstrated by Goal United, the graphics and design can be neglected in favour of focusing on the gameplay alone, but even the graphics are as impressive as the gameplay. The menu design is intuitive and the level of polish and production value in every aspect of the game is quite astounding. A lack of on-pitch action may deter some, but for you football management types, this game is begging to be played, though once you begin, it may be more difficult to give up than meth.


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