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Football player games are those where you control a team or one footballer in 3rd person mode and the most popular games are the Fifa and Pro Evolution football series. However if you are looking for enjoyment and social gaming combined then the number one pick must surely be the free Kickabout League Football game.

Here you can compete against 1000's of other players across the globe in a free to play browser based game developed in Java by Jagex studios. Kickabout League is remeniscent of both Kick Off and Sensible Soccer with it's simple cartoon like graphics and fast game play. You control a 5 a side team in 3rd person mode and must beat tonnes more other real life opponents in order to rise through the many leagues available. The number one aim for any player taking up this fun football multiplayer game is to achieve ultimate football status by reaching and winning the greatest league of them all - the Diamond League.

If your into your console games and like to sit in front of a big screen with the lads on a Saturday night then Fifa 2011 or Pro Evolution 2011 should be your only other choice given that not as many people own a wii to play Mario Strikers Charged Football. The two former 3rd person football player games have been released together for the past 10 years and each year the developers seem to find something to improve upon, whether that's through more official leagues being added, improved visuals, a stadium builder and editor or improved ball and player physics.

If you are wanting in on the action now though and don't want to folk out 20+ on a game, we would like to once again push Kickabout League simply because it's free to play and we've awarded it very high marks for a browser based game.