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    About the Game

    We have all done it. Boredom strikes when you are sitting at home, or at the office (even though you should probably not tell the boss), and you track down an online game to pass the time. Quick to load, simple to play, and highly addictive flash games have become one of the most played genres due to their simplicity. Furthermore, being able to own bragging rights at the end of the day when you get a higher score than the people that you will recommend to the game. In this guide, we will take a look at the Free Kick Fusion game.

    Free Kick Fusion fulfils all the above criteria. Football set-piece flash games have almost become a genre of their own. Free Kick Fusion has everything that the office David Beckham would expect to see: bright flashy colours, high scores and cheering spectator sounds, which you should probably mute if you are playing in the office. The controls are simple and intuitive: click and hold to set the power, move the mouse slightly to impart swerve and adjust height, and release to shoot, hopefully past the goalkeeper.

    The simplicity of the controls offers a surprising amount of variation when you are shooting. It can take a few shots to get the direction and spin aspects just right to score, with a fairly active goalkeeper in your way. Free Kick Fusion game does what it needs to do very well, to successfully give you the feeling of achievement when the ball flies into the top corner. The speed at which the ball moves varies sufficiently according to shot power to imitate real-life ball physics, making the possibility of getting it completely wrong and finding the back row of the pixelated stand very real. Curiously, unlike most other similar titles, it is possible to hit the defensive wall and still have the ball deflect into the goal. This is an interesting aspect of realism which again, adds to the variety in a simple game. Score a set number of goals and progress to the next round, which get harder the more you complete.

    For an added challenge, there is an option to play in real-time against another human player. This requires an account and sign-up, but does add an additional element to the game which is not found in others in this genre. Having small inputs like this along with realistic flash graphics make this game stand out from other free kick games and other football flash games.

    Verdict - 85/10

    Free Kick Fusion game is a typical office affair, but does require a bit of extra skill and consistency to achieve a good score. You will become embroiled in a running battle with your colleague to be seen as the set-piece king of the office. In terms of the simplicity of game play comparison, Free Kick Fusion is one of the best available online.

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