Free Kick Games

For football fans and players wishing to understand more about what makes the perfect free kick, we offer a collection of flash free kick games that take into account many variables that need to be considered when attempting to score a goal from a free kick.

The main factors that must be bared in mind are the oppositions wall position, the number of players in the defending wall (including your own team mates), the direction and speed of the wind around the football pitch, the general weather conditions around the pitch, the state of the pitch itself (e.g. is it wet, soggy, soaked in water, dry, arrid, snowy?), the position of the goal keeper, the goal keeper's line of sight, the power you strike the ball with, where you aim to make contact on the ball with your foot and finally the distance between you and the goal.

All these variables must be considered when looking to score a goal directly or indirectly. The free kick games above do consider some of these variables to make the free games that bit more challenging, try them for yourself and have fun!

More on Free Kick Style Games

There are many choices of game in many genres out there for football fans looking for a bit of gaming action that simulates their favourite sport. Titles range from in-depth career simulators such as New Star Soccer and Jumpers for Goalposts, right the way though to football management titles and more hands-off efforts like Football Manager. If you’re looking for something a little bit more concentrated and hands-on, though, you may find that free kick games are just the sort of thing that will satisfy your need for football entertainment. Free Kick Games essentially take this element out of the full game of football or soccer and allow you to perfect your skills by concentrating on just shooting the ball at the goal; this means you don’t have to worry about football careers, club management, or any other kind of skills that you may not fancy playing in a football game.

There are some games which incorporate free kick skills into a wider approach to the game, requiring you to practice free kicks as part of a training regime of a player’s career or part of the running of a football club. New Star Soccer is an example of this career-focused game that also allows you to practice skills including the magical free kick. New Star Soccer actually has one of the most innovative and effective ball control interfaces of any flash-based or mobile-based football game. When performing kicks at the goal, you choose the direction of your shot, and then zoom in on the ball in order to indicate the position on it that you want to make contact. This applies spin to the ball and allows you to curl it and also control its height in the air. Jumpers for Goalposts 4 contains the ability to practice free kicks, but the interface mouse-controlled movement of the player is far less accurate and satisfying than New Star Soccer.

Dedicated free-kick games are also extremely fun to play, and cut out any of the responsibility or distraction of having to manage a club or the career of a player. These kinds of games are great for ‘pick up and go’ kid of play. The most notable example of this kind of game in the mobile market is Flick Kick Football, which has a ball-kicking interface that is similar to New Star Soccer, only it relies on flicking the screen of your mobile device in order to kick the ball. Flick Kick Football is without doubt the most innovative and addictive dedicated free-kick game out there and is worth every second spent playing it.

Notable browser-based offerings of free kick games include Free Kick Fusion, a game that involves straight-up shots at the goal, requiring you to indicate the direction, height , power, and spin of the ball in increasingly difficult goal-scoring scenarios. Addicta Kicks is another example of such a game, whereas Euro Free Kick is a little more loyal to football’s league table formats and allows you to select a European team to play as in a league cup scenario, scoring free kicks to win matches and working your way up the table and hopefully emerging as the winner.