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If you're in the UK and you went to a standard, state-funded schools when growing up, you probably won't have been subjected to baseball as one of the many sports you were forced into playing as part of physical education. In fact, the closest many of you may have gotten was playing the sorry excuse for a physical activity that is Rounders, a pathetic non-sport that looks and plays like a very, very poor version of baseball. I'm not saying that baseball is a sport of the gods either, however, but just thank the probably non-existent heavens that mobile game developers have concentrated their efforts on creating games that simulate the latter and not the former. There's a fair few baseball games out there to try out, some good and some bad, but there are a handful that are even more worthy of your attention. So give Super Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe a rest for a second, pick up your mobile device, and searching for the following titles: an evaluation of their worthiness to entertain and amuse is now in session.

Homerun Battle 2

Homerun Battle 2 app game

As far as mobile baseball games go, Homerun Battle 2 is the big, flashy, extrovert that gets everyone's attention from the get-go and offers up a fairly substantial range of reasons to be interested in it. This game is essentially a batting simulation, so you can forget the supposed intricacies of the sport as a whole because the game's only focus is on giving you a ruddy good entertaining batting session, repeatedly, in a whole host of contexts to make things more interesting.

The best part about the game is definitely the mechanics that govern the gameplay. Instead of any kind of on-screen joystick or a complex timing system where you're batting in third-person, you're batting from what is essentially a first-person perspective. The accelerometer on your mobile device is utilised heavily here: tilting your device moves the bat-shaped aiming reticle, which is the game's version of aiming; tapping the screen initiates a swing for the ball. If you were to take anything away from your experience with Homerun Battle 2, it would definitely be the slick and efficient batting mechanic that is pretty unique to this title from Com2uS.

It's a single-player game if you want it to be of course. You can spend a fair amount of time batting away against yourself and playing different challenges. The strength of this game is in the multiplayer however, which allows you to go head to head with other players, and offers other modes, the best of which is the mission mode that puts you up against four other players.

Unfortunately, I'm going to request a sidebar with you the player here: take what you want away from this game, but it's more than likely going to be taking a lot more from you than you take away from it. By this I mean in the financial sense, because your progress in the multiplayer section of the game is based quite heavily on upgrades, and I'll just let you take a guess about how these upgrades are purchased. That's right: in-game currency. So enjoy Homerun Battle 2 while you can: any real progress in the game must be made by getting ahead of the competition through in-app purchases.

Freestyle Baseball

Freestyle Baseball app game

Another baseball game that offers some pretty decent online play is Vitusoft's Freestyle Baseball. This app has two versions, one free, one paid for, with the latter obviously having no adverts, but even the free version offers up some solid baseball-game action. This time we're in the third-person perspective and are allowed to both bat and pitch. This game also relies on a swipe-to-bat and swipe-to-pitch mechanic, and has more variables than Homerun Battle 2. You'll be swiping to control the bat and hitting the ball when it's in the correct striking zone. Bowling is even more interesting, and you have a rage meter that allows you to perform special moves when filled. Expect twister shots and other such powerful moves that will destroy your opponent.

Items and skills are available for unlocking through training and purchase, customisation of your player character is available, and the game's multiplayer is even more thrilling than the single-player. It's got RPG qualities to go along with the sporting content, so Freestyle Baseball is definitely a keeper for fans who want a little more from their baseball games.

Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run app game

In the words of Monty Python, "and now for something completely different". These words have never been more true than in Flick Homerun, a hugely addictive distance-based game with a baseball-flavoured twist. The only skills required here are good timing and the ability to flick your finger across the screen when the ball flies your way. The game has a variety of modes include minor and major as well as multiplayer and moon star mode where you get to hit a variety of different balls with varying properties. You'll be hooked on Flick Homerun because of its gameplay, but you'll also stay for the upgrades, which give you a real sense of progression, unlike in Homerun Battle 2. Instant entertainment with an addictive premise: what more could you want from Infinity Pocket, a developer so humble as to have their website on blogspot?

Big Win Baseball

Big Win Baseball app game

Much like its sporting-game cousin Big Win Basketball, Big Win Baseball is all about the wider approach. You get to manage your own baseball team, but this time it's all through the wonderful format of baseball cards. Card-based baseball fun is hugely popular in the US, but Big Win Baseball brings the card-centric format and weds it in glorious matrimony with your mobile device. Cards primarily represent the players for your team, but you can also use cards that allow you special skills and bonuses. Yes it's a freemium system at heart, but Hothead Games have stumbled upon something truly brilliant here, so who can blame them?

Baseball Superstars 2013

Baseball Superstars 2013 app game

How do you live up to the mighty Baseball Superstars 2012? Well, in short, you don't, not because the 2013 iteration is bad, but because the 2012 one was so damned incredible. Still, 2013 is more than worth your time, not least because of its colourful aesthetics, cartoon in nature but bordering on 3D. It's a unique looking game to say the least, but the gameplay is also pretty top-drawer as well. Though you annoyingly need an internet connection to play the game in the first place, there are some cool RPG elements that allow you to upgrade and improve, making it a game that stands the test of time. The batting mechanics have definitely been improved, but at the cost of not being able to play through pitching, batting and fielding in the same mode.

Gamevil's gorgeous-looking baseball title may be a step back in terms of greatness, but it is the tiniest of steps that scarcely hinders the enjoyment of Baseball Stars 2013's gameplay.