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I won’t even think of lying to you: I do not hold the sport of football in high regard. In fact, I’d comfortable say that football ranks towards the bottom of the list of sports I even care remotely about in the first place. It’s so damn low on this list that it would be more practical to make a separate list written on a piece of 1-ply tissue paper, a material that indicates my ill feelings towards it most aptly. So you get the point, but the other point I wish to make is that for fans or foes of football, there is hope out there in the form of the free kick game. Supplying you only with the delicious, wholesome wheat of football (the scoring of the goals) and cutting out the unhealthy, useless chaff (pretty much the rest of the entire game), free kick games provide you with all their is to like about football while minimising its detestable aspects. I’ve gone ahead and created a useful summary of a few of these kinds of games that are well worth pursing whether you prefer your management or your match play; free kick simulation (when done correctly) is a genre of its own that can please anyone.

Flick Kick Football Kickoff

Flick Kick Football Kickoff app game

This game is one of the first dedicated free-kick football games that I ever played for my iOS device, and to this day it remains one of my favourite football titles in general. Before stumbling upon this little gem, I simply assumed that in playing football games on my mobile device I was obliged to go along with ridiculously elaborate titles involving management tactics and horrifically immersive career simulators; these games managed to be about as appealing to me as the sport which it was attempting to simulate, or indeed an afternoon watching The Big Bang Theory. I find that when playing football games, it seems that their entertainment value seems to be inversely proportional to their simplicity: Flick Kick Football Kickoff continues this tendency by offering free-Kick simulation that incorporates an incredibly addictive and intuitive swipe mechanic with a selection of games modes in which you can curl, chip, dink, smash, or simply roll the ball in at your leisure.

Whether it’s hitting targets in ‘bullseye mode’, swerving a fast one around a defender in ‘skillshot’ mode or playing the field in multiplayer mode, there’s no shortage of shots to take in this game which somehow manages to excel past most full-scale football simulators in my own personal opinion poll that I took just a second ago (the sample group consisted of myself and no other people).

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Football Kicks

Football Kicks app game

If ‘Flick Kick Football Kickoff’ is the catalyst in the violent reaction that led to my excitable discovery of purely free-kick-based football games, then Football Kicks is the finished product of said reaction. While this metaphor wouldn’t hold up to close scrutiny, Distinctive Wirelesses’ free kick simulation was subject to extensive examination that involved me becoming immersed in its gameplay for hours; an examination that yielded wildly positive results and my resulting glowing opinion of the game. Offering all of the free-kick action of ‘Flick Kick Football Kickoff’, ‘Football Kicks’ takes the whole thing one step further by offering a whopping six modes of gameplay (many of which have to be unlocked through hard work or a small purchase of in-game currency), an equally formidable multiplayer mode, and customisation features that let you tailor both the appearance of your player as well as the stadium you play in to your own personal preferences. Though the experience has smatterings of freemium, you can still earn enough coins through gameplay alone to experience the full greatness of the game. 

It’s no coincidence that this is the second game on the list to be based on the ‘swipe and shoot’ mechanic; the simplicity of taking shots goes hand in hand with the ridiculous amount of control you have over the direction of the ball, and there’s nothing like curling a screamer around the defender to get yourself through to the next round. The game six game modes also give the game more depth than any other free-kick games out there, allowing you to go up against the clock, practise your swerving skills against a wall of defenders, test your mettle in sudden death (no actual death involved), cross the ball in or beat the goalie. In a genre that by definition is restricted to just one aspect of the sport, Football Kicks still manages to provide you with unparalleled choice and a diverse number of ways in which to kick the ball.

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Freekick Battle

Free Kick Battle app game

Another title that boils football down to its essential elements, leaving a thickened, concentrated jus of football-ey flavour for you to enjoy, Freekick Battle is Gamevil’s take on what is the only exciting side of the sport. The game boasts a few modes such as ‘arcade’ where you must shoot past defenders and a goalie in increasingly difficult situations with ever more populous end-fields. Training mode offers you a chance to hone your skills whereas ‘Match Play’ gives you the chance for a free-kick showdown which takes place against an opponent with which you are randomly paired via the internet.

The game’s input mechanic is a little different than the usual free-kick title, with the ball’s direction controlled through a mixture of directional arrows and the shot’s swerve, height and power being dependent upon your finger placement on the ball itself. A degree of player development is afforded via options to train your player, give them energy drinks and also swap out his/her clothes with upgrades that are beneficial to your various skills like curve and power with/on the ball. My favourite element of the entire experience is the crossing of the ball to one of your team’s players in the box, resulting in a spectacular slow-motion bicycle kick that sends the ball into the goal at a satisfying speed.

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