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Soccer Heroes RPG

Experience all the excitement and intensity of professional soccer with Soccer Heroes. Take it up the middle, pass, dribble, shoot and goal! Defeat your rivals and go on to play in the Brazil Cup and lead the international soccer scene.

Soccer Heroes emulates the classic sport of soccer in a new and original way. Its based on cut scenes in which you see the player crossing the field, and when you want (or when an opponent is blocking you) you decide if you want to pass, dribble, or take a shot on goal. A scene shows you if you are successful or not, depending on the ability of the player.

But in Soccer Heroes, like in real football, it isnt only about offense. You also have to know how to defend and choose the best defensive option at each moment to shut out your opponent. When an opposing player takes a shot on goal, the goalkeeper will have the option to block or trap the ball.

Release Date: 12/06/2015

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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The capabilities of the players are: attack, defend, pass, speed up/slow down, and dribble. You can improve on these skills as you advance through the game, forming a championship team.

In Soccer Heroes you can manage your squad and sign new players if your team needs a boost to be more competitive.


  • Cartoon inspired graphics
  • Pass, dribble, shoot, score goals, hold your position, tackle and block or trap shots on goal
  • Buy and sell players to improve your squad
  • 7 classifying tournaments to reach the Brazil Cup
  • Get rewards for improving your players
  • Gain experience and improve your squad

Stop dreaming and score your first goal in Soccer Heroes by downloading the app now!


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Soccer Heroes RPG is developed by Genera Games.

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