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FIFA 2010 (not to be confused with 2010 FIFA world cup) was a game that received critical praise when it was released. However, now that FIFA 2011 is out is the game still relevant and do people even play it anymore? In this guide, we will explore the answers to these questions and have a look at the game in more detail.

Console and Release Date

FIFA 2010 game was released on the Playstation3, Playstation 2, Wii, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows PC, DS, PSP and even as a mobile phone game. The game was first released (to the 'major consoles) on the 2nd October 2009 in Europe, 30 September in Australia and 20th October 2009 in America.

Release Date: 28/09/2009

Available on: PSP, PS2, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Windows, PC

Critics Rating: 4.5/5

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Fifa 2010 is no longer available to purchase online. Why not try out one of our other fifa games?


The dream team (of commentary) returned for FIFA 2010. The English game boasted Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. Furthermore, for the first time, other countries received a top quality commentary in their own language. There were 12 languages in total; each of them had 25,000 different phrases meaning the game had a total of 300,000 spoken in diverse languages.


FIFA is such a big game that the 2010 version sponsored Swindon Town for the 09/10 season in order to raise its profile as a game that was 'friendly' to lower league teams. FIFA is one of the only football simulators that allows you to play in these leagues, and it is believed that this is the main reason FIFA 10 sponsored Swindon Town.

Managerial Mode

The manager mode had not been well received on previous versions of FIFA, but the developers believed that they had made all the needed changes in order to get it right. In fact, one developer boasted that 50 'key' changes had been made in order to make this mode more successful. It turned out that these changes were successful, which boosted sales of the game. These changes included:

  • Gameplay - The main changes came in the form of alterations to the gameplay of the managerial mode. Simulated matches seemed to be more predictable rather than just random, which had been the case in previous games. The assistant manager became more tactically aware; for example, when you have two games close to one another and one was of low importance then the assistant would play bench players for the less important game. These changes were implemented across every team as well, even computer AI teams.
  • Finances - Previous games focused on what sponsorship deals you had in place. Based on these results they would then allocate your finance. This would have worked, but unfortunately the way sponsorship was handed out seemed very random. This problem was fixed when a variety of other factors were brought in to decide how much you could spend. This meant a team that finished first would be allocated money based on their league position, the fact that they were in the champions' league and any sponsorship deals.
  • Transfers - More factors were added to the game in order to make it much more realistic. Previously, a team would just need money in order to get the best players; however, in FIFA 2010 game factors like probability of starting and which league and cup competitions the team are in came into account.

Virtual Pro

Another feature that developers on FIFA 10 ensured they got right was the virtual pro mode. With FIFA 10, you could add your face (with a webcam, and internet connection) to your player for the very first time. This is now a feature that can be found across any EA game.


When it was released the game had 50 registered stadiums available for play, including the majority of the 'major' stadiums. Other non registered stadiums could have their name changed for the first time as well. This would allow you to assign a stadium with the relevant capacity to the team of your choice.


Of course, as with every FIFA game the amount of leagues you could play in has never been an issue. On FIFA 2010, there were 31 leagues and roughly 500 teams that could be played in the game. This made it by far the simulation with the most depth on the market. Updates to the FIFA 2010 game licensing meant that players could now play in the Russian and Dutch leagues.


FIFA 10 still holds the record for the quickest selling sports game in Europe. Currently, it has sold over 10 million units across all consoles. On average, FIFA 10 received 90% across various game critics, which also makes it one of the highest rated games of all time.


FIFA 10 made all the required changes from the 09 version in order to make it a success. Developers obviously did a lot of research to make sure that the right changes were implemented into the game.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics - 9/10

FIFA has always produced games with terrific graphics, and FIFA 10 was no different. There were enough changes made to the graphical interface of the game from the 09 version in order to make it diverse, but not too many that the game became unrecognisable.

Playability - 10/10

The additions that were made to FIFA 10 have made it much more playable than FIFA 09. While there were no major changes to the base of the game, the developers ensured that fans of the series cannot pick holes in the game. This made it much more playable than the last version.

Originality - 6/10

As mentioned, the game only made a few minor changes to the way the game was played. While this was a benefit to many, it means the game lacks originality.

Game Depth - 10/10

The game is clearly a market leader when it comes to its amount of depth. The huge selection of 500 teams can only be mirrored by managerial simulations like the football manager series.

Addictiveness - 10/10

If you get into a league or a management game then you may find that you have a problem putting the controller down. The best place to start is the virtual pro mode as you can develop your own player through to become the world's greatest. Once you have finished this, there are plenty of other things to do including online leagues, computer leagues, various tournaments and of course the management mode.

Value for Money - 7/10

As the games' addictiveness is so high, the value for money also has to get good marks. However, one thing that needs to be said is that the FIFA games remain at a higher price than their main competitor Pro Evolution. This means that in terms of money paid, it does not have the best value for money on the market.

Overall Rating - 90%

FIFA 2010 made sure that it got everything right rather than focusing on new developments, and as there was little wrong with FIFA 2009, 2010 was only going to be an improvement.


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Fifa 2010 is no longer available to purchase online. Why not try out one of our other fifa games?

Fifa 2010 is developed by EA.

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