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Fifa 2016

Despite a new game being released in the FIFA series each year, it’s showing no signs of becoming any less popular. A juggernaut of the gaming industry, FIFA 16 once again looks to iterate on its already wildly successful formula.

Women’s Football

womens football in fifa 2016

A headline-grabbing new feature for this year’s version is the opportunity for gamers to take control of womens’ international teams for the first time. Up to 12 national sides will be available, and they can compete in a variety of game modes – although their players won’t be available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

PC gamers will rejoice to hear that their version of the game finally uses the latest version of the Ignite engine, finally bringing them in line with what consoles were already able to experience in previous versions.

Release Date: 26/09/2015

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Windows, PC, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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Play Beautiful

fifa 2016: Play Beautiful

Core FIFA gameplay has received some tweaks, with improvements made to defending especially prominent. Defenders will now be able to quickly change direction while running backward, making it harder for attackers to breeze past them. Slide tackles have been changed so that players can snap out of the lunge at any point if it becomes obvious that they’re not going to get near the ball, too.

fifa 2016: Tackling

Defensively, the AI has also received some development love. Computer controlled defenders will now work more as a team rather than a group of individuals, filling in gaps that have been left behind, quickly getting back in position when possession has been turned over and they’ll also close down better as a group.

fifa 2016: Attacking

Attacking play has been bolstered, too. Players can now use a ‘no-touch’ dribbling technique, allowing them to take their controlled player off the ball to avoid tackles and waltz around defenders. Crossing has been tweaked to be made more viable, and passing has been given a spruce up, allowing for more rewarding pieces of attacking play.

Ultimate Draft

Headline features such as career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team will take centre stage once more. The biggest change here being the addition of a new draft mode that will give players a chance to create the best team possible form a random selection of cards, and then take that team into battle against other players online.

Contextual Training

For people who aren’t die-hard veterans, the new contextual training system will guide them through the learning curve from the beginner’s stuff to the most advanced moves – all while playing matches by providing hints and button combinations above the currently controlled player.


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Fifa 2016 is developed by EA.

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