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Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 Beta

27th October - Neil Brock

The Football Manager 2018 Early Access Beta is now available to play for those who have pre-purchased from a participating digital retailer.

As ever, any career progress you make during the Beta will carry forward when the game updates upon full release, on November 10th.

The data editor, Online game modes, Fantasy Draft, the Steam workshop and FM store will only be available with full release and won't be active as part of the Beta.

If you haven't pre-purchased Football Manager 2018 yet, you can get immediate Beta access by purchasing from a participating retailer.

Digital pre-purchase (Steam)

If you pre-purchased from Steam your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam Library.

Release Date: 10/11/2017

Available on: Linux, Mac, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

Game Trailer

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The final thing to say before you get your first taste of Football Manager 2018, is that this is not the finished article and certain aspects of game play may well change ahead of full release on November 10th. If you do spot any issues, we want to know about them, so please report them immediately on our forum.

*At this stage it is unclear whether online multi-player games will carry forward into full release but single player games will for definite

Full Game Description

New this Season

Dynamics - A harmonious squad produces better results on the pitch. By building partnerships amongst your players – both on and off the pitch – and maintaining a good dressing room atmosphere you’ll get the best performances out of your squad.

Matchday Live - A brand new graphics engine produces the best lighting, stadiums and player models in the series’ history, alongside a sleeker match interface and modernised presentation that bring your fixtures to life.

Real World Scouting System – A true-to-life representation of the techniques used by the world’s biggest clubs including more detailed data analysis that, combined with a wider range of scouting options, give you a better overview of any potential signing.

Sports Science - The new Medical Centre gives you a more complete overview of your squad’s injury situation, with your medical team providing advice on feedback on individual players’ injury risks and how to avoid injuries occurring during training.

Tactics - A redesigned tactics screen puts analysis at its heart, giving you a clear view of whether your tactic is working. The new pre-match briefing allows you to be better prepared for your upcoming fixtures, while new player roles give you more ways to exploit your players’ abilities.

Fantasy Draft - Redesigned with a new interface that is perfect for streaming and with several new setup options that help tailor the Fantasy Draft experience to you, including a bigger squad budget and a Quick Start option.

Football Intelligence - A realistic transfer market that reflects the inflated transfer fees and contract values, more clauses to help finalise that blockbuster deal and the more intelligent transfer and board AI that take into account more contextual information from the game world.


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Football Manager 2018 is developed by Sports Interactive.

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