Penalty Shootout 2010 Game

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    About the game

    The penalty shoot out game 2010 is a world cup game that is full of thrills, spills and really needs skills! It has very easy to follow instructions and takes you through the group stages of the World Cup to the knockout stages while engaging you in a 5 shot penalty shoot out. The player can select the height of their kick plus direction and power while there are eight groups containing four teams in each to choose from.

    Once you have selected your team, progress to the penalty shoot out and test your skills! If you prefer you can choose to be the goalkeeper and try to save the penalties. There are instructions on how to save the goals and which area to click when you want your goalie to move and in which direction.

    Hours of fun can be had with the penalty shoot out 2010 game and players can swap and change teams from different countries. The game is a test of patience, skill and speed while at the same time is great fun and is very entertaining. See how accurately you can place the ball in the back of the net and shout GOAL!