Super Sports Heads Football Game

The mini soccer heads are back with an all new version of sports heads footballing. Did you miss them? We sure did and are glad the Mousebreaker Team haven't been putting their feet up for too long after the other three versions.

The same premiership team roster is in use for Super Sports Heads with you being able to pick from the latest teams in the premiership of course including Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

So let's now take a look at the players representing all the English PR teams:

Full Range of Players & Teams to Pick From

  • super sports heads football: R Van Daisy - Manchester UnitedR Van Daisy - Manchester United
  • super sports heads football: P Cease - Newcastle UnitedP Cease - Newcastle United
  • super sports heads football: R Van Wolfinsky - Norwich CityR Van Wolfinsky - Norwich City
  • super sports heads football: R Lamburt - SouthamptonR Lamburt - Southampton
  • super sports heads football: P Couch - Stoke CityP Couch - Stoke City
  • super sports heads football: S Fetcher - SunderlandS Fetcher - Sunderland
  • super sports heads football: Macho - Swansea CityMacho - Swansea City
  • super sports heads football: J Defoo - TottenhamJ Defoo - Tottenham
  • super sports heads football: S Loong - West BromS Loong - West Brom
  • super sports heads football: A Carole - West Ham UnitedA Carole - West Ham United
  • super sports heads football: L Pooldoki - ArsenalL Pooldoki - Arsenal
  • super sports heads football: C Benten - Aston VillaC Benten - Aston Villa
  • super sports heads football: C Bellamee - CardiffC Bellamee - Cardiff
  • super sports heads football: F Torrid - ChelseaF Torrid - Chelsea
  • super sports heads football: G Mulley - Crystal PalaceG Mulley - Crystal Palace
  • super sports heads football: N Jellyfish - EvertonN Jellyfish - Everton
  • super sports heads football: D Barbados - FulhamD Barbados - Fulham
  • super sports heads football: S Auckley - Hull CityS Auckley - Hull City
  • super sports heads football: L Suarez - LiverpoolL Suarez - Liverpool
  • super sports heads football: D Silver - Man CityD Silver - Man City

The Game Play

As usual the game is very easy to play in terms of the aim. You have to head and kick the ball into the oppositions goal on a 2d pitch. This time however the difficulty has been upped somewhat and it's fairly easy to score an own goal if you get too keen to jump in and try win the ball.

Lighting Speed Headers & Kicks

The ball moves at a lightning speed compared to other editions, you have to be careful not to kick or head it for a rebound at your own goal. Pretty much anywhere except accurately at the opposition goal can end up leading to an own goal or the opposition scoring in one way or another so it's as much about timing and positional sense this time round.

Super Sports Heads Football: Own Goal

Above: The Computer Scores an Own Goal!

We quite like the neat little visual updates to the pitch, it now feels a little more alive and like a soccer stadium such as the flags blowing in the wind. The crowd is also easily heard giving you a feeling that someone is actually watching you this time and it's not just an empty 8 bit screen with two random ugly looking heads playing soccer.

Some beginner tips:

Tip 1

Super Sports Heads Football: Own Goal

Here I'm asking to be lobbed!

Stand back near your goal and let the opposition make the first move. Defending the goal will mean your not as easily open to own goals from the football rebounding off the back of your head! If you notice Mousebreaker have programmed the computer player to do this alot.

It will also give you more chance to lob your opponent whether that be through a header or a kick of the ball.

Tip 2

Watch the obstacles that appear randomly above in each match. These obstacles will vary and will obstruct your ability to head and kick clearly into the sky. They may also end up causing you an own goal. If your good enough you can also use them to your advantage. But I recommend you try to stay clear of them and head and kick lower towards your opponents goal.

Tip 3

If the clock is ticking down, your winning and in possession, keep the ball next to you, don't kick it or try to head it for another goal, your opponent will probably be dumb enough to stay in his goal even though he's loosing. I've used this tactic many a time with no challenge from the computer.

Tip 4

Certain power ups throughout each match are more useful than others. For example the 'Big Goal' and 'Big Head' power ups are nice haves. Just make sure you don't come off your line just for the sake of trying to kick the ball at a power up - you can end up being lobbed and then you loose the power up anyway. Most of the time ignoring the power up and keeping your eye on the goal is a far better strategy.

Some Ideas we have for improvements for Super Sports Heads Football 2...

We'd like to see Mousebreaker expanding the game more considering this is an official sequel and not just an updated version of an existing game. That's not to say, we don't want the fundamental game play to be the same but a little more variety in terms of the environment would be nice to give it more visual appeal. We don't feel they have done enough in this respect.

Here's a list of what we would like to see:

  • A variety of premiership stadiums to choose from, not just the same non entity one you play in. Your soccer head should travel around so you get the sense you are actually a premiership team and not playing sunday league on the same pitch over and over again.
  • More players to pick from in each team - each with different strengths and weaknesses. Starting off simple this could be that some players have better kicking ability and others better heading ability.
  • Upload and super impose your own face on the player!
  • Compete against other players online - the multiplayer option is well over due for this game and would take it to another level entirely.
  • Compete for prizes in leagues and tournaments: eleborating on the multiplayer option above allowing players to compete in leagues and tournaments for real prizes such as premiership tickets to go watch the team of their choice would be a great addition.
  • 4 player mode: the ability for 2 vs 2 like a tag team match. On either side one player gets to be the goalie and the other one the out field player. Adding more real players on the screen would really improve the dynamics of the game and the spontaniety.

What improvements would you like Mousebreaker to make to the Sports Heads Football series? Why not leave your comments to the left and discuss it with us.

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