Tennis Games

Tennis Games – How about a bit of back and forth with our careful selection of the internet’s best tennis games

Strawberries and Cream

I’m not one for frequent forays into the sporting world. I prefer to leave the playing of sports to the professionals, the willing, and generally anyone that isn’t actually me. This isn’t because I don’t enjoy sports, but rather the more common reason of simply not being very good at them, not down to a lack of fitness, but a lack of balance, coordination, and general skills that allow one to perform intricate movements under pressure of physical exertion and also spectators. This is perhaps why I am rather fond of my flash-based sporting games, my favourite of which are those of the tennis persuasion. There are few sports more exhilarating than the act of smashing a tennis ball at 100mph+ back and forth in order to out-shoot, out-run, and generally out-tennis your opponent into submission (plus I enjoy the “strawberries and cream” atmosphere at Wimbledon). It is with great enthusiasm therefore that I present to you our selection of tennis games, the very best of which have been singled out for brief description below.

Traditional Offerings

When it comes to the sport of tennis, it is as much a game of tradition as it is anything else, whih is why perhaps the best game for all-round tennis fans that like the game to be played as it should be without fiddly innovation or modification is Tennis Game Online. Don’t let the rather unimaginative title discourage you from giving it a go since this game is pretty much the essence of tennis squeezed into a very simple yet challenging flash game. Controls are simple with the directional arrows used for movement and choosing shot direction, whilst the act of taking a shot is achieved by pressing the space bar. With an exhibition mode and a full-on tournament to get stuck into, you are able to choose from a number of real-life players, each with their own stats such as forehand, serve and footwork, with each player being skilled in different areas, making for a very diverse lot of players with which to experience the impeccably-designed game with the best physics that I’ve seen in a tennis game.

Racket Madness is yet another tennis game that likes to stick to the essentials of the game, only this game actually offers a progression system whereby you are able to level up your players and add to their skills in an almost RPG-like fashion. Considering that many tennis games out there are only there to provide you with a shallow and often shoddily-designed smash-fest, this game is a perfect balance of skill sourced from the player as well as development of your player into a faster, stronger, and better sportsman/woman.

A Little Bit of Nonsense Now and Then

Moving on to the slightly more absurd side of the online tennis game world, we have Sports Heads Tennis opening such proceedings of eccentricity and non-traditional format. Don’t take the adjective “absurd” in a negative fashion, however, since developer Mousebreaker is the responsible party here and as any fan of their games will tell you, their games are almost always incredibly addictive and well worth playing. In this particular series, the procedure is always to engage in a 1 vs 1 fashion with your opponent, and in the case of this tennis-themed masterpiece, you must hurry around your side of the net in order to get the ball to the other side (two touches on the floor means the point goes to whomever’s side the ball did not fall on). The game’s tournament structure and blistering, arcade-like pace as well as the power-ups involved such as freeze mode, giant tennis balls, and other helps and hindrances makes Mousebreaker’s interpretation of the sport one of he best.

With an identical format but some delicious extra features such as skills upgrades and a format that emulates a open tournament style, Sports Heads Tennis Open is a brilliant game to play whether you’re familiar with Mousebreaker’s great series or not. Enjoy playing as a range of real-life players with slightly altered names as you upgrade your way to tennis success and ultimately the winning of the open.

If you fancy some traditional tennis fun that takes place in slightly non-traditional environments, then Twisted Tennis is about as standard as it gets without succumbing to any kind of monotony representing a comical approach to tennis similar to Tennis in the Face, and it has a variety of different arenas for you to play in such as on a cruise ship or in an urban environment. Perhaps setting isn’t everything, but it can make all the difference, particularly if you have grown tired of playing in the same stadium over and over again.

Maybe you like the whole back and forth idea of tennis but you fancy a change from the boring, rounded ball that the standard rules of tennis dictate that you must play with? Well, your only alternative here is Stick Badminton, but it is luckily an alternative that is extremely fun to play. With a distinctive stick-figure style, this game is one of the few badminton games out there and gives you the chance to smash a shuttlecock around in a light-hearted manner. You can play as a fully-fledged person that you must control with the directional arrows or [WASD] keys or you can opt for a mouse-controlled robot-like player which is easier. There is also a 2-player mode to keep you and another friend entertained if that’s your thing.