Ultimate Football Management 3

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Ultimate Football Management 3

There comes a time when even the most avid of football fans will grow a little tired of a sport that takes a minimum of 90 minutes per match, so what happens when they do? Football games often simulate the 90 minutes by offering a shorter version, but to people who prefer the management side of the game, then of course a football management title may be the way to go. Ultimate Football Management 3 is a flash-based football management title that attempts to recreate the kind of glory that games such as Championship Manager pioneered a long time ago. Choosing your team is the easy part, but getting them to the top is a little more complex than that. Enter matches, train your team, and be ready for the tough road to success in this exciting football management title.

Since Mousebreaker is the developer responsible for creating this game, you would expect from Ultimate Football Management 3 the outrageous style and unique perspective on the genre that Mousebreaker games attempt to create. You begin by choosing your team from a wide selection of existing clubs. After choosing your team, you have access to the main menu where you can tend to your club’s business and the manager’s office. From the club menu, you can manage your squad, tactics and train your team. From the manager’s office, you must deal with more behind-the-scenes business such as competitions, transfers, and managing the finances of the club.

Tending to the club aspect of the game is of course an essential part of being a successful football manager. The squad menu allows you to browse your squad and its individual player’s different strengths and weaknesses. From the tactics menu you have control over the type of formation your team will play during matches and the type of tactics used such as defensive or attacking. The most important part of improving your team is the training, which must be entered into regularly in order to improve your players and ensure your team’s success.

On the managerial side of things, you can keep an eye on the league table from the competitions menu whereas the transfers menu opens up a section where you can search for a player, sell your own players, or browse the players of a rival club with the intent of making an offer. Bringing new players into your team is a way to improve them, but be careful when selling players because with the right training, they can go on to become very successful and crucial members of your team. The monetary dealings can be monitored from the finances menu, though this is limited to simply viewing financial stats. The whole thing really is textbook football management, so if you want an alternative take on the football genre, a game like Football Defans may interest you more.

If you want to manage a football team, then Ultimate Football Manager 2013 could be an entertaining experience for you. However, though it  may appear to have a fair amount of things to be getting on with, the whole thing really isn’t up to the usual Mousebreaker standard. Though you have control over your tactics and training, the whole thing is essentially an exercise in pressing buttons and then selecting the type of training by simply pressing the ‘Continue’ button which moves time forward, after which you find out whether the changes you made were beneficial or detrimental to your club. As far as football management titles go, this really isn’t one to rival the greats such as Football Manager, but it may interest some looking for a simpler football management experience. 

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