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Weather Frightful, Fire Delightful

So the weather outside may be frightful, and the delightful fire may feel like a better option than being out in the bitter cold, but having chosen the life of a winter sports professional you knew this was what you were in for. Broken bones, missed 360s, bruises, bumps, and heavy knocks to your ego are all secondary symptoms of getting involved in winter sports whether it be bobsleighing , snowboarding, or skiing, so what if you get fed up of repeatedly injuring yourself in the cold and stacking it on too many of your landings? That warm, crackling fire burning fiercely inside must seem more attractive and delightful by the second, so why not take a trip inside, take off your thermals and your cold weather gear, and get involved in some no-nonsense, no-fuss winter sports games that pay tribute to the fast-approaching Winter Olympic Games. We have a variety of cold-weather sports games on this site, but few are as popular as those that deal in the business of skiing and the traversing of snow-capped environments at great speed. Below is a summary of our skiing games, described and evaluated in a brief manner for your benefit so that you can decide which skiing game is most suited to your particular preferences.

Stickler for Slalom

When it comes to hurtling down some steep declines at great speed, there are few browser games out there that do it better than Ski Run 2. A game that uses shockwave as its basis, Ski Run 2 is a delightful skiing simulator that brings you the fun of downhill skiing at high speed and in impressive 3D. The thing that differentiates this game from many others is the fact that it is viewed from the first-person perspective, making the action seem all the more realistic and the speeds you travel feel that much faster. The realism doesn’t end there, though, since you are able to select between arcade and simulation mode, with both involving the requirement of passing through a series of gates but the former only penalising you with a time penalty for missing one; the latter mode is more of a true-to-life representation since missing a gate causes instant failure. This game’s graphics as well as its 3 intensely challenging slopes that must be conquered makes it the best dedicated skiing game we have on our site.

Never Miss a Trick

Straight-up slalom not floating your metaphorical boat? Perhaps Trickalized may be more to your liking with its full 3D graphics, multitude of tricks to perform, and series of different environments in which to perform them. The game isn’t technically a skiing game due to the snowboarding element, but it’s still an opportunity to shred the snow underfoot (and under-board) with your skills in a manner that is more trick-oriented than Ski Run 2.

Another (slightly inferior) title that focuses exclusively on the trick-performing aspect of winter sports is Big Snow Tricks. In this game you get to choose between a snowboarder and a skier to take control of, after which you must simply guide them down the slope, up the ramp, and into the air in order to perform as many flips, spins, and grabs as possible. While more limited in its approach than Trickalized, Big Snow Tricks has the versatility of two sports in one game and is perfect for some short-term fun, as long as you don’t mind repeatedly travelling down the same slope and the resulting repetitiveness.

Lo-Ride or Snow Ride?

If you don’t like conventional skiing, how about taking two skis, attaching an engine and framework that is comfortable to sit on, and sitting on this freshly-made vehicle while you zip around a hectic and challenging course whilst racing against three other challengers. If this sounds appealing to you, then Silent Bay StudiosSnow Riders is a sublime snowmobile game that lets you get involved in some octane-heavy, snow-based action. Zoom around the course completing time-based challenges and also racing against three other opponents. And before I forget, you have a gun on the front of your snowmobile that shoots mildly-explosive projectiles, you know, just to spice things up a bit.

Jamaica We Are the Bobsleigh Team

It may not be Cool Runnings but it certainly is cool that you get to pilot a bobsleigh down some authentic-feeling tracks in Ice Racer. Tap X repeatedly to gain speed at the start and use the directional arrows to control the movement of the bobsleigh, ensuring that it is properly positioned on the track as you take each corner. This is an extremely fast-paced game that never fails to disappoint.

Physics Sensation

It is difficult to talk about skiing games without at least mentioning the Downhill Snowboarding series. While again not skiing in the classic sense, these games provide a physics-based element to the downhill fun, allowing you descend down various mountains whilst performing some tricks along the way. Downhill Snowboarding 3 is the latest title with the most tricks and options for upgrade, so give it a try before you worry too much about it not actually being a skiing game.

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