Snow Boarding Games

Big Decisions

So you’ve decided to hit the slopes this winter in pretty much any way but the literal one, but what may I say are your options? Well, you can deconstruct a skateboard, shave a few kilograms’ worth of polystyrene onto the floor and leave the rest to your imagination: that’s just one option. Unfortunately, no matter what Peter Pan would have you think, sheer belief and imagination simply isn’t going to cut it here, so you’re going to need a more suitable and less ridiculous alternative for your winter sports fix. Since you’re already on a Snowboarding Games page, it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to suggest that you take some of the initiative here and use these as a substitute for the real snowboarding that you aren’t going to do. This would be the right decision, a sensible one, and one that will provide you with most amount of reward for the very minimal amount of effort. We have a few variants on the classic snowboarding format here, though, and I’d like to walk you through them so that you may make a more informed choice regarding the type of snowboarding game you choose.

If it’s Tricks You’re After..

Forget endlessly travelling down snowy slopes for a second, since many people feel that the whole point of snowboarding is to gain some serious air, during which time a variety of tricks and manoeuvres can be performed. For you thrill-seekers out there, I would recommend more so than any other game on this page that you play Trickalized. A tricks-based snowboarding game from Spil games based on the powerful Unity3D engine, Trickalized involves playing through a series of challenges that include meeting objectives like grinding on various objects, performing jumps and grabs, and collecting goggles in each of the levels. Experience is gained as you get better, and with more experience comes more upgrades to customise your whole endeavour. This game isn’t concerned with racing or long downhill runs, just pure, unadulterated trick-performing action.

Big Snow Tricks is another game that springs to mind when talking about games that focus on stunts, though this game is a little different in format to Trickalised. The gameplay involves simply launching your rider from a ramp by guiding him down it and pressing the jump button at the correct time. Once launched, you must perform as many tricks as possible using the directional arrows, which change your rider’s orientation in the air while you perform simultaneous grabs. I found that it can be very easy to stick the landing in this game not because of poor performance or lack of skill, but because of the nature of the attempted 3D graphics in a game that is really limited to 2D. This results in some visual confusion as to which way the rider is facing in the air and makes it very difficult to land in the correct way.

Slalom Savagery

The very best shockwave snowboarding game I have played to date is Snowboard Madness. This game focuses on downhill snowboarding but in a slalom style and in the third person, with the camera following you over your shoulder as you weave between the various gates and make jumps towards the gate at the bottom. This game’s format is in a pure tournament style, playing through heats and quarter finals, semi finals, and ultimately a final, all of which involve racing against computer-controlled opponents that become increasingly challenging as you progress.

Avalanches Your Thing?

If you actually enjoy the thought of having to try and stay ahead of an avalanche that is rapidly catching up to you as your purposely land on the mountain with a helicopter with the sole purpose of performing stunts, then you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play Avalanche Stunts. This game is view from a side-on perspective just like Big Snow Tricks, only the scenery is much more varied since it is a side-scrolling game as opposed to being limited to just one boring ramp. Among other things, you must make various jumps over gaps and duck into tight spaces as you travel across the mountains at high speed. You can also purchase upgrades as you collect money in each level, but be warned that these have a hefty price tag and take some grinding before they can be afforded. Don’t forget the game’s survival level, either, which augments the experience that the 17-level tour mode gives.

Can’t Beat a Physics Classic

You have to love the laws of physics, and even if you don’t want to acknowledge their existence, they make the stunt-performing, physics-based trickery of the Downhill Snowboard series possible. The original title has little to offer, but improvements to the gameplay are seen in Downhill Snowboard 2, and Downhill Snowboard 3 contains the largest variety of tricks and stunts to perform as you career down the slopes trying not to fall over.

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