Snowboard Madness Game

Snowboard Madness – Downhill slalom-snowboarding action rendered in full 3D style

Snow Joke

You can spend forever performing stunts on a skateboard, or trying to pop some mad wheelies on a BMX or whatever bikes these kids are riding these days, but it takes real skill to sail down a gigantic hill of colossal steepness made entirely from powdery, white snow whilst staying in-between the multitudes of gates and emerging in first place at the bottom. The reason I have brushed off other sporting activities to shine glory on snowboarding through the art of description is that I’d like to talk to you about Snowboard Madness. I don’t want to talk about it in a “do you have a second to talk about Jesus” kind of way, however: I simply have a few paragraph’s worth of space to fit in some description of the game, an evaluation of its potential to entertain you, and a conclusion that weighs up the pros and cons in a summative fashion. Before I even begin, I can tell you that Snowboard Madness is a 3D snowboard tournament game with longevity that deserves your full attention and makes other flash games look extremely brief in comparison, so let’s continue: this game is snow joke (and neither is that joke).

It’s All Downhill From Here (Literally)

The name of Snowboard Madness isn’t to dazzle (or more likely confuse) you with a huge roster of ridiculous tricks to perform in a small, confined area over and over again; this game is all about the downhill slalom-style snowboarding that has you shredding the hell out of the snow beneath you and competing in strictly tournament-style competitions. These go through the proper motions from heats to the final and there are 12 in total that span across the same number of countries, so it is clear before you even set foot on your board and set your board on some snow that you have a game of impressive length and potential for long-term, challenging entertainment here.

The only controls you have to bother concerning yourself with are those of movement, namely the directional controls where left makes you go left, down makes you slow down, and I’ll leave the remaining two up to you to figure out, because let’s face it, if you can’t do that, then there’s not much hope for you anyway. Don’t let the simplicity of the controls fool you , though, since weaving in between the gates in each level gets considerably more difficult as you progress through the stages. Just remember: 3 missed gates and you automatically lose the round.

Slashing Through the Snow

Cutting up the snow repeatedly on the slopes may not appeal to everyone, but it is this game’s consistency across the slopes of different shape and escalating difficulty that makes it so great to play. The game’s physics are second to none (and vastly superior to the incredibly inferior physics of Downhill Snowboard) and the emphasis on competing against others instead of boarding solo down a hill with no general purpose makes it all the more fun to play in the long term. You can even select between a male or female snowboarder to tear up the hills with, that is if you think that picking a character of the same gender as you somehow makes the game a more realistic experience for you.

So is Snowboard Madness a game for you? Well, it’s not mad in the traditional, insane sense of the word and it does have its flaws (small 3D glitches and little control over the stunts), but the game is more addictive than you may think from simply reading this article. Above all else, this game has consistency and longevity because it sticks to the tournament format, increases the difficultly ,and has you racing against others to motivate you even more. Underestimating this game’s impact on your free time would be a grave error on your part, so get ready to shred, and I do not mean in the guitar solo sense.