Zombie Football Game

This zombie football game is great entertainment. It is billed as the match of the living dead and that is just what it is. The game is basically a penalty shoot out only the opposing team are all zombies! Instructions are simple to follow so even the least experienced player will have no problem eliminating the zombie team.

There is a huge zombie goalie that looks really intimidating and just in front of him coming towards you is the first team member for the zombies. As he approaches you and the music builds and builds it's time to give that ball a kick and hit him where it hurts. If you don't kick hard and fast enough to kill your zombie and watch the blood flow you will be the one licking your wounds, that's if you survive long enough!

Watch your score soar as you eliminate the enemy one by one, while tension builds as zombie after zombie is eliminated. You will really enjoy playing zombie football game so what are you waiting for?

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